Friday, June 5, 2009

Reserve Karen Pryor's Newest Book Today!

Karen Pryor, renowned clicker trainer and author of the revolutionary book "Don't Shoot the Dog", will be releasing her newest book, "Reaching the Animal Mind" on June 16. With her extensive knowledge of animal training and behavior, as well as great storytelling skills, this book is sure to be fantastic. Here is an excerpt from the the product review:

Reaching the Animal Mind uses clear, accessible language that will allow anyone to master Pryor's training system. Pryor also entertains by introducing some of her more interesting pupils. Ponies are taught to surf, gloomy birds learn how to play, a rhinoceros routinely leans against a fence for a pedicure, and dogs learn everything with pointed ears and shining eyes that seem to say "You want what? I can do that; watch me!"

Even better, if you reserve a copy of the book through before June 16, you will not only save about $5 off the regular price, the copy will be signed by Karen Pryor and you will receive a free i-click clicker! Now that's what I call positive reinforcement!

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